Fee Schedule 

Visa Check Card/ATM Card Fees

Visa Check Card/ATM Withdrawal (At machines we do not own or designate) $0.50
VISA Check Card/ATM Card Replacement Fee $10.00
Rush Delivery of VISA Check Card/ATM Card $50.00
VISA Check Card/ATM Card NSF Fee $20.00
VISA Check Card/ATM Card Transfer Fee* $2.00
VISA Check Card/ATM Card PIN Change $2.00

*transfer of funds from savings account to cover an overdrawn condition

Share Draft/Checking Fees

Share Overdraft Fee (per each item paid) $20.00
Returned Draft Charge (NSF) $20.00
Draft Transfer Fee (transfer of funds to cover overdraft condition) $2.00
Stop Payment Charge $20.00
Returned Check Charge (deposited checks returned unpaid) $10.00
Reconciliation Fee (refunded if our error) $20.00
Draft Photo Copy Charge (copies of paid drafts) after 5th copy in each month $2.00

ACH Fees

ACH NSF Fees (each item)                  $20.00
ACH Stop Payment  $20.00
ACH Revoked Authorization Fee $20.00
ACH Transfer Fee (to cover an overdraft condition)                                $2.00

IRA Fees

Early Withdrawal Penalty(per each)                                                          $15.00
IRA Inactive Account Fee (per quarter) $25.00
Transfer Fee $25.00

Christmas Club Account Fees

Early Withdrawal Fee                                                              $2.00

Other Miscellaneous Fees

Skip A Payment Fee

Late Loan Payment Fee



Negative Account Fee (charged after 30 days) $25.00
Closed Account Fee (if closed within 90 days of opening) $5.00
Account Statement (other than normal, per page) $2.00
Official CU Check Charge after 1st check in a 30 day period $3.00
Official CU Check Stop Payment Fee $20.00
Wire Transfer Fee (domestic) $20.00
Wire Transfer Fee (international)                                                            $40.00
Money Order Fee $1.00

Dormant Account / Inactive Account Fee(each month the account is inactive)
After 12 months with no activity; excludes fee or dividend transactions

Bad Address Fee (charge for each piece of mail returned)  $5.00
Counter Check (must order minimum of 5).  Cost is $.050 per check.  $0.50 
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $5.00


Fees are accurate and are effective as of Jan 29, 2017. You may contact the credit union at 765-962-3172 with any questions.

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